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Microblading-Ombre-Shading-Combination Training

Microblading Ombre Shading is semi-permanent make up. It requires a lot of detail, learning, practicing, and skill to design a perfect eyebrow for clients. For that reason, you will get higher paid for your time and effort. You don’t have to be talent to become Master of the technique. You just need to work hard, practice every day and love what you do. I will give you some overview for your salary. This is basic salary for beginners. If you have 1-2 years’ experience, your price can go up to $500-$700 per clients

$200-$300 x 3 clients= $600-$900 per day
$600-$900 x 5 days= $3000-$4500 per week
$3000-$4500 x 4 weeks= $12 000-$18 000 per month

Our training is different. I will teach you all 3 techniques at the same time including microblading ombre shading & combination. Why is it necessary to learn 3 techniques?

For clients with more natural eyebrows hair, you can do microblading on them. It will look fuller and more enhancement.

However, for clients has no eyebrow hair or less eyebrow hair, Microblading is not enough. Microblading only gives you 30-50% fuller look. But when you combine microblading with ombre or shading, it will give you 80-100% fuller and it will cover all the gap in the eyebrow.

Program Detail:

My class is small. I try to focus on each students .You will have online training before class which help you to practice at home and get some skills with Microblading pen. On the day of class, we will focus on working on models & theory. You will learn the right depth, the pressure and decide if stroke is full of pigment. It’s not stop there. After class, you will get my support 6 more months through Viber group or facebook group. I will answer all of the questions and problem that you face while working.

What you will learn after class?

  • Have knowledge to be able to answer all clients questions
  • How to use golden ratio for measure brow to give the most symmetry
  • Painless procedure. Show you how to do it painless
  • Show you how to look at the stroke to make sure it’s full of pigment
  • How to mix color depend on undertone skin and skin type
  • Show how to set up the working area to work faster
  • Show how to get license to be legally working ( Texas only)
  • Provide material: consent form + health medical form + after care + healing process

When should i sign up for class?

At least 2 weeks before class so i can send you the kit to practice more at home


Pre-course online + 3 Days Class + Deluxe Kit + 2 Live Models + 6 Months Support

Microblading Ombre Shading Combination

Pre-course online + 5 Days Class + Deluxe Kit + 3 Live Models + 6 Months Support

For Register: Kayla 832 528 0003
Email: [email protected]

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